News – 2013

09 Dec 2013OpenSPL consortium unveils standard for spatial computing

“Joining the OpenSPL consortium as a founding member is a great opportunity to expand our technology leadership and collaborate with others. CME Group has long been a leader in open efforts including our leadership in FIX Protocol Limited and Linux Foundation and we are excited to leverage spatial computing technology for our critical high performance [...]

28 Nov 2013Maxeler to help design self-adaptive computers

Maxeler Technologies today announced it has joined 6 other organizations across Europe in a multi-national research project to develop next-generation self-adaptive computer architectures. The ambitious project, called “SAVE : Self-Adaptive Virtualisation-Aware High-Performance/Low-Energy Heterogeneous System Architectures”, aims to dynamically optimize workloads on heterogeneous system resources such as Maxeler Dataflow Engines. Funded by the European Commission’s Seventh [...]

26 Nov 2013Trading & Risk: What’s Your Favorite Risk Flavor?

By Oskar Mencer, Maxeler Technologies We are living in an Era of Convergence.” — Dataflow Session, Hotchips Conference, Stanford University, August 2013. The amount of customization that can be done via software is increasing to meet the computational and functional needs, but there is a need for scale and cost efficiency that can only be [...]

01 Nov 2013Maxeler joins research effort to help make programming complex systems easy

Maxeler Technologies announced that it has joined a European research effort to help develop a new mathematically-based high-level programming language and tools. The international research project on “Programming Large Scale Heterogeneous Infrastructure” (POLCA) funded by the European Commission under Framework Programme 7 with a budget of 4.2 million Euros brings experts from embedded systems and [...]

02 Sep 2013Hot Chips 2013: Ari Studnitzer and Oskar Mencer talk on Next Generation Risk Management platforms

London, 2 September 2013 – Ari Studnitzer, Managing Director of Enterprise Architecture at CME Group and Oskar Mencer, CEO of Maxeler Technologies,  jointly presented “Going to the wire: The next generation financial risk management platform” talk during the Hot Chips HC25 Symposium in August 2013 at the Stanford Memorial Auditorium. The talk described convergence of trading [...]

01 Jun 2013Communications of the ACM: VIEWPOINT Moving from Petaflops to Petadata

By Michael J. Flynn, Oskar Mencer, Veljko Milutinovic, Goran Rakocevic, Per Stenstrom, Roman Trobec, Mateo Valero Communications of the ACM, Vol. 56 No. 5, Pages 39-42 10.1145/2447976.2447989 Abstract — The race to build ever-faster supercomputers is on, with more contenders than ever before. But, the current goals set for this race may not lead to [...]

30 Apr 2013Maxeler joins effort to harness the power of the cloud

London, 30 April 2013 – Maxeler Technologies, pioneer of Maximum Performance Computing, today announced it has joined 5 other organizations across Europe in a multi-national research project to dramatically improve the efficiency of cloud computing data centers. The dominant approach in offering cloud services today is based on homogeneous commodity resources: large numbers of inexpensive [...]

12 Mar 2013Maxeler talk at MIT

On Mar 1, Oskar Mencer (CEO) spoke at the CRIBB seminar at MIT. Abstract: Complexity of computation is a function of the underlying representation. We are extending this basic concept to consider representation of computational problems on the application level, the model level, the architecture level, arithmetic level and gate level of computation. In particular, [...]

18 Jan 2013Maxeler at HIPEAC Conference 2013

Maxeler will be attending the HIPEAC 2013 conference in Berlin, January 21-23rd. On Monday 21st, Oliver Pell will be giving a keynote talk on ‘Maximum Performance Computing with Dataflow Engines’ at the WRC 2013 workshop at the conference. Oliver will also be participating in at panel at the MULTIPROG workshop on ‘Bridging the Exascale Programming [...]

07 Jan 2013Maxeler Talk at Stanford Computer Systems Colloquium

Maxeler will be presenting a talk on January 9th at the Stanford University Department of Electrical Engineering Computer Systems Colloquium entitled Multiscale Dataflow Computing: The Vertical Perspective. Oskar Mencer and Stephen Weston will be discussing how a vertical architectural perspective naturally leads to greater computational efficiencies for Dataflow Computing compared with a CPU based approach. [...]