News – 2014

16 Dec 2014Erasmus MC and Maxeler join forces to make brain simulation easy and affordable

The Neuroscience department of the Erasmus Medical Center (Netherlands) and Maxeler Technologies (UK) announced their latest collaborative effort in ground-breaking brain simulations. They are jointly developing BrainFrame, a novel framework for rapid simulation of large-scale neural models with radically improved programmability. The ERC Proof-of-Concept project titled “Automated framework for rapid simulations of high-detail brain models” [...]

05 Dec 2014FASTER project successfully completed

The FP7 project FASTER (completed in November) aimed at making partially reconfigurable technology easier to use. During the three years of the project, a complete design methodology along with several implementation and verification techniques were developed.  In addition to the “classical”, region­ based recon­figuration, FASTER worked on micro­-reconfiguration to change only very small parts of [...]

12 Nov 2014Maxeler Impact on Quality of Life and Prosperity

Maxeler has been mentioned in a list of major HPC applications that had an impact on Quality of Life and Prosperity. The Scientific Computing Journal: “In an increasingly interconnected global financial market, financial institutions are using HPC to manage assets and risk, especially since the economic downturn of 2007. Forbes reported in 2012 that JP [...]

13 Mar 2014Flying the Flag for UK Tech Innovation in Europe

Dataflow Computing highlights Great Britain’s Tech Prowess Hannover, March 13, 2014 – As the UK Technology sector cements its  leading position in tech innovation worldwide, British firm Maxeler credits    its growing success to the innovation of its dataflow engine technology.  Dataflow is a highly novel compute concept where applications gain  massive performance improvements and [...]

25 Feb 2014STFC Daresbury Laboratory first to install Maximum Performance Computer (MPC)

World’s most efficient supercomputer at STFC Daresbury Laboratory will drive innovation and worldwide competitiveness of UK science and industry. Scientific advancement is increasingly driven by the available compute power while the world’s largest supercomputers are limited by their power consumption. The Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) and London-based Maxeler Technologies are collaborating in a [...]

24 Feb 2014Frost & Sullivan Lauds Maxeler for Employing Multiscale Dataflow Computing rather than the Conventional CPU Technology

Unlike competing technologies, Maxeler’s multiscale dataflow computing puts emphasis on minimising the movement of data by using large scale spatial computing  London – Based on its recent research on the mission critical computing market, Frost & Sullivan presents Maxeler Technologies with the 2014 European Technology Innovation Leadership Award. The Frost & Sullivan award for Technology [...]

05 Feb 2014The Qualimaster project applies stream analytics to real time prediction of systemic risk

Maxeler is participating in the Qualimaster project. This three year EU funded project will explore the application of data stream analytics to real time prediction of systemic risk in the financial markets. Utilizing Maxeler’s Dataflow Technology, high velocity and volume data feeds, including tick level exchange prices and social media, will be statistically analysed to [...]