Maxeler Impact on Quality of Life and Prosperity

Maxeler has been mentioned in a list of major HPC applications that had an impact on Quality of Life and Prosperity. The Scientific Computing Journal:

“In an increasingly interconnected global financial market, financial institutions are using HPC to manage assets and risk, especially since the economic downturn of 2007. Forbes reported in 2012 that JP Morgan is using a supercomputer “to measure risk in its fixed-income operations by assessing tens of thousands of possible market scenarios.” The Maxeler supercomputer, acquired by the investment bank in 2012, allowed the calculation of complex scenarios in just minutes that previously took hours, according to Forbes, which also reported the company was planning to acquire a second supercomputer.”

Maxelers success with JP morgan has been selected as one of the stories to illustrate “how the supercomputing capabilities developed by leading universities, research institutions and national laboratories for basic science and national security are now being applied to problems that help businesses be more competitive and improve the quality of daily life.”

The full article can be seen on Scientific Computing website, as shown here.