J.P. Morgan, Maxeler and Imperial College present keynotes at HPC China 2011

Dr Stephen Weston (J.P. Morgan), Oskar Mencer (CEO of Maxeler), and Wayne Luk (Professor of Computer Engineering at Imperial College London), are giving keynote presentations at the National HPC China 2011 conference in Jinan. The focus of the keynotes is to translate the advantages of Maximum Performance Computing from the Oil & Gas and Finance industries to the Exascale Supercomputing efforts in China. Maximum Performance Computing (MPC) utilizes the minimum clock frequency to compute at a certain rate of results per clock cycle, and therefore, for a given power budget results in maximum performance per Watt.

With all major HPC players in China in the audience, Stephen Weston from J.P. Morgan explains: “Maxeler’s dataflow approach uses thousands of simple static dataflow cores running with very low power consumption. This enables J.P. Morgan to compute thousands of credit scenarios that would not be possible to compute on standard controlflow cores.” Professor Luk adds: “Our research has shown that the dataflow approach has a peak of over 1000x acceleration for security applications which are critical for China in the telecom space but also for Cloud computing.”

A summary of the presentations (in Simplified Chinese) is available at