Maxeler at SEG 2010

The annual meeting of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists will meet in Denver, Colorado this October. SEG is the premier geoscience event in the world, featuring more than 300 exhibiting international companies as well as over 700 technical presentations and workshops.

At the High Performance Implemetations of GeoPhysical Applications workshop on Thursday, October 21th 2010, Maxeler joins Eni E&P in presenting FD modeling beyond 70Hz with FPGA acceleration. 70Hz modeling is enabled by Maxeler hardware which combines 96GB of local memory in a 1U enclosure, connected via a proprietary fast local interconnect, MaxRing. The presentation at SEG also demonstrates the capabilities of MaxGenFD, a finite difference generation framework which takes a high level finite difference description such as arrays, stencil and domain size, and automatically parallelizes a fully accelerated solution onto any number of cards and nodes. Previously, the Maxeler collaboration with ENI and the CRS4 supercomputing center in Sardinia led to a presentation at EAGE in 2010 on accelerating CRS.