Maxeler at SEG HPC Workshop

Maxeler Technologies will be at the SEG Workshop on High Performance Computing in the Geosciences in Berkeley, California, July 18-21, 2011.

Oliver Pell, Maxeler’s VP of Engineering will be presenting a talk on July 20th on “Accelerating Large Scale Geoscience Applications with FPGAs”, where he will discuss how Maxeler’s dataflow computing technology can be utilized by geophysicists to solve real world problems.

At the same event, several Maxeler clients and partners will be talking about some of their experiences with Maxeler’s technology:

  • Guido Satta from CRS4 will be presenting “Fitting Two Imaging Algorithms to Hardware Accelerator Paradigms”
  • Tamas Nemeth from Chevron will be presenting “Geophysical Application Development on FPGAs: a Perspective from Geophysicists”
  • Carlo Tomas from ENI will be talking about “Geophysics Over Accelerated Platforms”
  • Bob Clapp from Stanford University will be presenting “Mapping Algorithms to Architecture: Stream Based Computing with FPGAs”.

The full schedule for the event is available here.