Maxeler joins research effort to help make programming complex systems easy

Maxeler Technologies announced that it has joined a European research effort to help develop a new mathematically-based high-level programming language and tools.

The international research project on “Programming Large Scale Heterogeneous Infrastructure” (POLCA) funded by the European Commission under Framework Programme 7 with a budget of 4.2 million Euros brings experts from embedded systems and from high performance computing together to exchange their knowledge and methodologies to develop a common methodology that is able to meet the demands of modern applications.

The project consortium is made up of the German Universities of Ulm and Stuttgart, as well as the Dutch University of Twente and the Spanish Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, along with the Belgium Centre of Excellence in Information and Communication Technologies (CETIC), the Spanish IMDEA Software Institute, as well as Maxeler Technologies and the fabless semiconductor company “RECORE Systems”.

More information about POLCA is available at the project website.