Maxeler launches MAX-UP

Maxeler Technologies Supports Universities to Develop and Teach High Performance, Low Power Supercomputing

London, United Kingdom, 20 June, 2011 – Maxeler, pioneer of Maximum Performance Computing and provider of complete acceleration solutions, today announced the Maxeler University Program (MAX-UP); which supports universities at the forefront of development of new algorithms and acceleration for high performance computing. Application areas that will benefit the founder universities for MAX-UP include Seismic Data Processing, Weather Forecasting, CAD, Imaging, Broadcast, Movies, Biotech, Financial, Government and Internet applications.

As microprocessors reach the limits of attainable clock frequency, acceptable power consumption and multi-core scalability, FPGAs are emerging as a powerful solution for high performance, low power computing. Low power means that the total energy consumed to complete the computation of an application result is low. Maxeler’s solutions, using Xilinx® programmable logic, speed up processing times by 20-50x over state-of-the-art, off-the-shelf microprocessors with over 90 percent reduction in energy usage and over 95 percent reduction in datacenter space.

Maxeler and Xilinx are donating $500,000 to MAX-UP in the form of free FPGA devices, free-of-charge software and at-cost hardware to member universities.

“Our goal is to help build a community among leading universities and industrial partners to ensure there is wealth of talented resources available to meet the users needs for the application of advanced HPC system architectures. We aim to enable organisations to do things they could not have done before, through encouraging IT professionals to focus on building a computer based on the applications that are needed for solving specific problems, rather than a program based on the computers organisations have.” said Oskar Mencer, Maxeler CEO. “University researchers can also apply their mathematical, scientific and domain knowledge to bring HPC into wider application areas using FPGA technology. “

“The exciting thing about this program is that it covers a wide spectrum of application areas in high performance computing and brings together centers of excellence in HPC using FPGA in USA, Europe, Japan and China into a powerful community,” said Ram Subramanian, Worldwide Manager of the Xilinx University Program (XUP).

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Maxeler Technologies, Inc. pioneers Maximum Performance Computing. It combines high performance computing (HPC) consulting with custom acceleration technology to deliver competitive advantage. Its complete and scalable solutions include hardware platforms, software programming tools and application consulting. Maxeler’s technology enables organisations to speed up processing times by 20-50x, with over 90% reduction in energy usage and over 95% reduction in data centre space. Please visit for more information.