Maxeler Introduces New Low-Latency Connectivity Platform

MaxNode10G provides connectivity for high performance computing

London, August 1 2011 – Maxeler, pioneer of Maximum Performance Computing and provider of complete acceleration solutions, today announced the launch of MaxNode10G, a platform designed for wire-speed processing of multiple 10 gigabit network data streams.

Maxeler MaxNode10G is a connectivity platform for businesses running applications requiring low latency and high throughput, such as high frequency trading, image processing and telecommunications.

The new platform combines 10 gigabit network connections with Maxeler’s MAX3 acceleration cards, specifically designed for high performance-computing with up to 96GB RAM per node and the latest-generation, largest Field-programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) available.

MaxNode10G contains up to two MAX3 accelerator cards with CH2 connectivity expansion cards, giving a total of 4 SFP/SFP+ ports and 2 CX4 ports supporting up to 6 high speed connections. This combination provides real-time processing of 60Gbit/s input data with microsecond latency.

The integrated platform combines technologies designed to deliver the lowest possible latencies. This is particularly critical for enterprise applications where every microsecond of reduced latency can translate into a business advantage.

“We have seen increasing demand in multiple markets to run applications which require low latency coupled with the maximum possible computing performance”, said James Spooner, VP of Acceleration at Maxeler. “With MaxNode10G, businesses can benefit from achieving the critical performance levels needed to ensure reliable connectivity and delivery of content and applications with zero performance degradation as the complexity of computing increases.”

“Maxeler differentiates its product by providing integrated high-level programming tools for the FPGAs in the MaxNode10G, to get maximum performance without the need for hardware language skills”, added Spooner. “In many of the applications we see, reducing platform delivery time and maintenance to meet business demands are just as important as throughput or latency.”

About Maxeler

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