trainingMaxeler runs regular training courses to get you started accelerating your applications using MaxCompiler and Maxeler acceleration hardware. Courses are typically 2 days, with the first day learning the basics and the second day focusing on real-world applications.

The scheduled training courses are run at dedicated training facilities at either Maxeler’s or a partner’s office. You will have your own workstation for lab sessions and will be able run the exercises on Maxeler accelerator hardware.

Presentations and lab sessions are run by experienced Maxeler engineers. One-on-one sessions will be available with acceleration experts to discuss the issues specific to your application.

Sessions include:

  • Dataflow Computing: an introduction to the concept of dataflow programming
  • Programming with MaxCompiler: an introduction to the basics of MaxCompiler design
  • Demonstration: an interactive demonstration of using the tools and acceleration hardware
  • Acceleration case study: a detailed look at the acceleration process through a recent application
Dates Location Availability
12-13 Jan 2016 Maxeler London Completed
9-10 Feb 2016 Maxeler London Completed
15-16 Mar 2016 Maxeler London Completed
19-20 Apr 2016 Maxeler London Completed
12-13 May 2016 Maxeler London Completed
14-15 Jun 2016 Maxeler London Completed
21-22 Sep 2016 Maxeler London Completed
18-19 Oct 2016 Maxeler London Completed
16-17 Nov 2016 Maxeler London Completed
8-9 Dec 2016 Maxeler London Completed

Dates Location Availability
10-11 Jan 2017 Maxeler London Places available
14-15 Feb 2017 Maxeler London Places available
15-16 Mar 2017 Maxeler London Places available

Maxeler also organises an annual OpenSPL summer school. The event takes place at Imperial College London.

Dates Event Availability
12-15 July 2016 2016 OpenSPL summer school Completed

For more information or to inquire about on-site courses, please contact your Maxeler representative. If you are not a Maxeler client or partner, please contact us.