Low Latency Platforms


Maxeler provides a fully programmable network platform for low latency trading, including:

Maxeler’s Dataflow technology is enhanced in MaxCompilerMPT for implementing low-latency algorithms, maintaining the ultimate in ultra-low-latency and ultra-low-jitter performance.


Common low latency application include:

  • FIX engines for trading/market data with over 16,000 FIX sessions
  • Line-rate Book building / Ticker plants with optimized protocol handlers
  • Full Tick-to-trade algorithmic trading systems with sub-μs latency
  • Matching Engines handling millions of orders per second
MaxCompilerMPT automatically applies optimizations previously implausible in hand-coded designs and allows developers to further refine and optimize their code with detailed performance and resource feedback. Development is further accelerated with full-featured Simulated Dataflow Engines, allowing programmers to work in an all-software environment, accelerating development and debugging by an order of magnitude or more.
For more information get in touch by email at lowlatency@maxeler.com.