Series Features

  • Small form factor desktop
  • Intel Core i7 CPU with 64GB RAM
  • Software portability with data center systems


  • Maximum performance computing desktop
  • 1 or 2 dataflow engines
  • Up to 48GB of DDR4 DRAM per DFE
  • DFEs connect to CPU via PCI Express


  • Connectivity development platform
  • 1 dataflow engine
  • 1x QSFP+ with 4x 10/25Gbit connections to DFE
  • 2x 10Gbit Ethernet connections direct to CPU
  • DFE connects to CPU via PCI Express

The MaxWorkstation is a small form factor PC that brings the power of dataflow computing to the desktop.

Small enough to fit on a desk, the MaxWorkstation provides one or two dataflow engines and a high-end Intel desktop CPU, with a combined processing power equivalent to dozens or hundreds of standard CPU cores.

Applications developed on MaxWorkstations are easily deployed into production on MPC-C or MPC-X series data center systems, making the MaxWorkstation ideal for software developers as well as users who desire a dedicated interactive compute resource on their desk.

The MaxWorkstation10G is a connectivity development platform, which provides high-speed connectivity direct to dataflow engines. The dataflow engine supports one QSFP+ port supporting up to four 10/25Gbit connections.

The MaxCompiler programming environment provides full support for the network interfaces, including ultra low latency protocol stacks for common network protocols on the dataflow engine and low-latency PCI Express data transfer to the CPUs.

Software developed on the MaxWorkstation10G is easily deployed in production on MPC-N series data center connectivity systems.