Series Features

  • Small form factor desktop
  • Intel Core i7 quad-core CPU with 16GB RAM
  • Software portability with data center systems


  • Maximum performance computing desktop
  • 1 or 2 vectis dataflow engines
  • Up to 48GB of DDR3 DRAM per DFE
  • DFEs connect to CPU via PCI Express gen2 x8


  • Connectivity development platform
  • 1 vectis dataflow engine
  • 2x SFP+ and 1x CX4 10Gbit connections to DFE
  • 2x 10Gbit Ethernet connections direct to CPU
  • DFE connects to CPU via PCI Express gen2 x8

The MaxWorkstation is a small form factor PC that brings the power of dataflow computing to the desktop.

Small enough to fit on a desk, the MaxWorkstation provides one or two dataflow engines and 4 Intel CPU cores, with a combined processing power equivalent to dozens or hundreds of standard CPU cores.

Applications developed on MaxWorkstations are easily deployed into production on MPC-C or MPC-X series data center systems, making the MaxWorkstation ideal for software developers as well as users who desire a dedicated interactive compute resource on their desk.

The MaxWorkstation10G is a connectivity development platform, which provides high-speed connectivity direct to dataflow engines. The dataflow engine supports two SFP/SFP+ ports and a CX4 port supporting up to three 10Gbit connections as well as additional inputs for operations such as time synchronization.

The MaxCompiler programming environment provides full support for the network interfaces, including ultra low latency protocol stacks for common network protocols on the dataflow engine and low-latency PCI Express data transfer to the CPUs.

Software developed on the MaxWorkstation10G is easily deployed in production on MPC-N series data center connectivity systems.