Maxeler launches Maximum Performance Cloud Computing with MaxCloud

High-performance dataflow computing now available in the Cloud

London, 20th September 2011 – Maxeler Technologies, pioneer of Maximum Performance Computing and provider of complete acceleration solutions, today announced the launch of MaxCloud, the industry’s first cloud implementation of a high performance dataflow computing system.

MaxCloud offers businesses a scalable, on-demand, high-availability off-site resource to eliminate upfront hardware costs and deployment time while benefiting from the high performance of dataflow computing.

MaxCloud provides a pool of accelerated compute nodes running an industry standard Linux distribution that combine multi-core CPUs with multiple Maxeler dataflow engines. Each compute node typically provides the performance of 20-50 standard x86 servers.

“We have seen an increasing demand for flexible access to Maxeler systems,” said Oskar Mencer, CEO at Maxeler. “MaxCloud enables new and existing clients to evaluate algorithms and applications before committing to production systems and access additional computational resources during peak demand periods.”

“MaxCloud brings a level of performance to Cloud computing that was previously unattainable,” added Mencer. With MaxCloud, the full power of Maximal Performance Computing becomes available on short notice.

MaxCloud has multiple compute nodes each with 12 Intel Xeon CPU cores, up to 192GB of RAM for the CPUs and 4 MAX3 dataflow compute engines. MAX3 uses Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGAs directly connected to up to 48GB of DDR3 DRAM, giving a total of 384GB in a single 1U server. Dataflow engines within the same compute node are directly connected via PCI Express and also via Maxeler’s proprietary high-bandwidth MaxRing interconnect.

Maxeler provides a complete service to migrate applications to the MaxCloud and a comprehensive suite of software tools to develop, accelerate and maintain applications for Maxeler systems, whether deployed in the cloud or on-site.

Maxeler systems are currently deployed by investment banks to speed up pricing and risk calculations for complex portfolios. Its systems are also used to optimise reservoir modelling and seismic imaging programs used in Oil and Gas exploration. Other application areas that will benefit from MaxCloud and Maxeler dataflow computing technology include computational fluid dynamics and bioinformatics.


Maxeler MaxCloud is available October 1st 2011.

About Maxeler

Maxeler Technologies, Inc. pioneers Maximum Performance Computing. Maxeler combines high performance computing (HPC) consulting with custom acceleration technology to deliver competitive advantage. Its complete and scalable solutions include hardware platforms, software programming tools and application consulting. Maxeler’s technology enables organisations to speed up processing times by 20-50x, with over 90% reduction in energy usage and over 95% reduction in data center space. Please visit for more information.