Maxeler launches Maximum Performance Trading: ultra-low-latency, user-programmable trading directly in hardware

LONDON, March 27– Maxeler Technologies, pioneer of Maximum Performance Computing, today announced the launch of its Maximum Performance Trading (MPT) platform, enabling developers at financial institutions to implement ultra-low-latency trading algorithms in hardware. With hardware-based algorithms, complex trading strategies can achieve tick-to-trade performance of a few microseconds, providing the ultimate competitive advantage.

“Previously hardware solutions have required specialist hard-to-find teams and complex, multi-year projects to deploy successfully”, said Oskar Mencer, CEO of Maxeler. “Maxeler’s MPT is a revolutionary step, providing an integrated software/hardware development environment, exchange connectivity and datacenter-ready trading platforms. This removes the need for specialist teams and brings ultra-low-latency technology to a wider audience than ever before.”

Maxeler’s Dataflow technology, already proven in large-scale deployments for financial pricing and risk calculation, has been enhanced in MaxCompilerMPT for implementing low-latency algorithms. MaxCompilerMPT automatically applies optimizations previously implausible in hand-coded designs and allows developers to further refine and optimize their code with detailed performance and resource feedback. Development is further accelerated with full-featured Simulated Dataflow Engines, allowing programmers to work in an all-software environment, accelerating development and debugging by an order of magnitude or more.

With a portfolio of exchange support including Eurex, CME, NYSE and NASDAQ, Maxeler’s integrated range of connectivity options allow traders and developers to focus on algorithm design and business logic whilst achieving best-in-class latency during all market conditions.

Trading applications can be reliably deployed in live trading environments on the MPT-10G connectivity platform, a datacenter-ready 1U appliance with multiple 10 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces and in-hardware TCP/IP connectivity directly to the user’s algorithm in hardware.

Maxeler will be demonstrating their Maximum Performance Trading technology at the Low Latency Summit in London, 27 March 2012.