New Maxeler MPC-X series: Maximum Performance Computing for Big Data applications

London, 21 March 2012 – Maxeler Technologies, pioneer of Maximum Performance Computing, today announced the launch of the new MPC-X series, enabling organizations to easily deploy dataflow computing to complement standard servers, with double the compute density of current dataflow solutions.

The MPC-X1000 provides eight dataflow engines with the equivalent performance of 40-60 multicore x86 servers and power consumption comparable to a single high-end server. The system is ideal for “Big Data” applications, with 384GB of memory in a single MPC-X1000 and over 16TB of memory in a single rack.

The MPC-X series dataflow appliances provide multiple dataflow engines as shared resources on the network, allowing them to be used by applications running anywhere in a cluster. “Dataflow as a shared resource” brings the efficiency benefits of virtualization to dataflow computing, maximizing utilization in a multi-user and multi-application environment such as a private or public Cloud service or HPC cluster. The MPC-X series combines dual FDR/QDR Infiniband connectivity with unique RDMA technology that provides direct memory to dataflow engine transfers without inefficient memory copies. In one key benchmark the MPC-X1000′s hardware-enabled RDMA delivers 40% speedup over a software-only framework for remote execution over a network.

Designed for easy integration into the datacenter, the MPC-X1000 is a 1U rack-mount system that supports dual redundant power supplies and IPMI-compatible remote management. Maxeler’s software manages the resources within the MPC-X1000, including dynamic allocation of dataflow engines to CPU threads and processes and balancing demands on the cluster at runtime to maximize overall performance. With a simple Linux RPM installation, any CPU server in the cluster can be quickly upgraded to begin benefiting from dataflow computing.

“At Maxeler we are excited to offer the fastest computers on the planet running in a fraction of datacenter space while burning a fraction of the energy compared to any alternatives,” said Oskar Mencer, CEO of Maxeler. “With MPC-X we are doubling the compute density of our machines and quadrupling the DRAM density, driving yet another jump in cost/performance.”

About Maxeler

Maxeler Technologies pioneers Maximum Performance Computing. Maxeler combines high performance computing (HPC) consulting with custom acceleration technology to deliver competitive advantage. Its complete and scalable solutions include hardware platforms, software programming tools and application consulting. Maxeler’s technology enables organisations to speed up processing times by 20-60x, with over 90% reduction in energy usage and over 95% reduction in data center space. Please visit for more information.

Maxeler also offers MPC-C series integrated compute nodes with dataflow engines and CPUs in the same 1U system and MPC-N series nodes with multiple 10-Gigabit interfaces directly connected to dataflow engines for low-latency networking applications, as well as workstations for developing and deploying dataflow supercomputing on the desktop.