About Us

At Maxeler, we lead in innovation, development and delivery of High Performance Computing solutions. Our solutions include hardware, software and services to gain at least an order of magnitude advantage in performance per unit of rack space, computations per Watt (green computing), and top price-performance considering total cost of ownership for monolithic applications.

Our computers exploit dataflow computing – a revolutionary way of performing computation, completely different to computing with conventional CPUs. Dataflow computers focus on optimizing the movement of data in an application and utilize massive parallelism between thousands of tiny ‘dataflow cores’ to provide order of magnitude benefits in performance, space and power consumption.

Maxeler provides complete solutions to enable production deployment of dataflow computing, including high-performance compute nodes, compilers and management software. Our technology is in use at FORTUNE 500 companies and universities across the world (see publications for more information).

We invested in Maxeler because of its superior high-performance computing technology, and because we believe Maxeler, with its established and growing clientele of Fortune 100 companies, is poised for growth. We typically invest in companies with cutting-edge technology that dovetail with our business needs. Maxeler meets that description and our high standards for investment
Peter Cherasia, Head of Markets Strategies, J.P. Morgan Investment Bank