• Programmable logic fabric with 490,000 elements
  • 500 programmable multipliers
  • 5.6 MB of on-chip Fast Memory (FMEM)
  • Single cycle FMEM access (e.g., avg 5ns@200MHz)
  • 12 GB DDR3 DRAM Large Memory (LMEM)
  • LMEM average latency of 250ns
  • PCI-e link with 2GB/s (peak) bandwidth


  • Linux workstation running CentOS (v.6.5)
  • Two free PCIe slots located side-by-side
  • One free 6-pin flat connector from the power supply
  • space for full height x 3/4 length card (111,125 x 247 mm)

Tools, support and community

  • Free access to Maxeler tools and educational materials
  • Free training events and workshops
  • Development support: Maxeler Developer Exchange (MDX)
  • App Gallery: large repository of user designs

Galava: Highly capable PCI-e dataflow compute card, available for Universities to enable affordable dataflow acceleration.

Galava PCI-e DFE Card

As the community of Maxeler users continues to grow we recognised the need for a low-cost hardware as alternative to our Max-Workstations. Our new PCI-e DFE card Galava is available for all MAX-UP members for a price of 4,999 USD. It can be added to any Linux workstation, making it a highly capable dataflow computing system. Galava allows universities and non-commercial organizations to benefit from the power of our DFE technology, and provides a platform to learn and teach dataflow programming and to develop and optimize practical state-of-the-art solutions for many computationally challenging problems operating on massive datasets. Possible application areas include: Seismic Data Processing, Weather Forecasting, Image processing, Financial Analytics and Trading, Computational Chemistry and Biology, Genomics, Internet Networking and Security.

User community

Galava users are provided with free access to Maxeler development tools and educational materials and can participate in free training events and workshops. This makes Galava an ideal platform for everything ranging from teaching and lab exercises to practical high-performance computing projects. Programming support is provided through the Maxeler Developer Exchange (MDX) user forum. The Maxeler App Gallery provides a large repository of existing user designs, and MAX-UP members can participate in the developer community and create and upload their own apps.


MAX-UP members can order Galava directly from Maxeler. To purchase Galava, please fill in the following Quotation form.