Upcoming talks from Maxeler and J.P. Morgan

The weeks of 30th January and 6th February 2012 see three interesting talks, from Professor Michael J. Flynn, Chairman of Maxeler, Oskar Mencer, CEO of Maxeler, and Dr. Stephen Weston, Global Head of the Applied Analytics group at J.P. Morgan.

31 Jan: Maxeler at Princeton

Professor Michael J. Flynn and Oskar Mencer will present a seminar titled “Maximum Performance Computing for Exascale Applications” in conjunction with the Department of Electrical Engineering at Princeton Unversity.

Ever since Fermi, Pasta and Ulam conducted the first fundamentally important numerical experiments in 1953, science has been driven by the progress of available computational capability. The challenge today is to improve compute performance through some form of parallel processing without incurring power limits at the system level. We argue that the focus should be on end-to-end execution time of complete scientific applications and needs to include a multi-disciplinary approach, bringing together scientists and engineers to optimize the whole process.

The seminar takes place at the Engineering Quadrangle B205, Tuesday January 31 2012, 2 PM to 3 PM.

2 Feb: J.P.Morgan at UC Berkeley

Dr. Stephen Weston from J.P. Morgan will present a DREAM Seminar titled “Why Discrete is Faster than Continuous in Computational Finance” in conjunction with the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences at UC Berkeley.

Working across multiple asset classes using discrete mathematics, results are reported from an on-going project to create dataflow computational engines that employ fine-grained parallelism to accelerate complex financial models for trading and risk management.

The seminar takes place at 4PM, Thursday February 2nd 2012 in Cory Hall 540A/B at UC Berkely Campus.

6 Feb: Maxeler at UC Riverside

Professor Michael J. Flynn will present a lecture titled “Finding Speedup in Large Applications using Data Flow Computing” as part of the Distinguished Lecture Series at the department of Computer Science and Engineering at UC Riverside.

The lecture takes place on Monday 6th of February 2012. Contact Professor Neamtiu of UC Riverside for more information.