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Apr 8, 2021

Maxeler Technologies and fragmentiX Partner to Deliver Data Storage and Computing Solutions

Maxeler and fragmentiX closely cooperate to provide data optimized specialized HPC environments with the highest possible performance and data protection.


Dec 9, 2020

LEGaTO Project Concludes With Major Contributions to Energy Efficiency in Heterogeneous Computing

Maxeler's contributions to the LEGaTO project include a phenomenal 822x speedup in the biomarker analysis application as well as improvements to to fault-tolerance, security and programmability in FPGA-based systems.

LhARA: world-leading radiobiology and novel technology development

Maxeler Technologies is part of the Laser-hybrid Accelerator for Radiobiological Applications (LhARA) consortium to develop new facility for ultra-high intensity beams for biological analysis.


Mar 13, 2020

Maxeler Technologies Develops Real Time FPGA-Based Processing for European XFEL

Maxeler Technologies is developing programmable hardware enabling real-time line-rate processing for calibration and visualization of the raw data streams produced by the XFEL X-ray detector.


Oct 25, 2018

European Project to Build Programming Frameworks for Exascale Computing

Maxeler Technologies joins EXA2PRO consortium to boost programmability of Exascale computing systems.

Design & Reuse

Oct 2, 2018

Xilinx Launches the World's Fastest Data Center and AI Accelerator Cards

Maxeler Technologies collaborates with Xilinx on their recently launched Alveo data center cards.

Space Daily

Apr 16, 2018

Understanding quantum chromodynamics

Maxeler Technologies recently delivered a pilot system for QCD computations to the Julich Supercomputing Centre in Germany, funded by the EU PRACE initiative.


Mar 29, 2018

EU Project Delivers Open-Source Simulator for Cyber-Physical Systems

The European funded COSSIM project, involving Maxeler, has delivered a powerful open-source simulation framework for cyber-physical systems (CPS) and Cloud.


Sep 7, 2017

EU Funds 20 Million Euro ARM+FPGA Exascale Project

Maxeler joins EuroEXA project with the goal to develop prototype for energy-efficient Exascale system.


Jul 5, 2017

Maxeler Technologies Accelerates Analytics on UK G-Cloud

Maxeler Technologies is now on the G-Cloud 9 framework and can offer its world class accelerated compute performance to the entire UK Public Sector.


Apr 25, 2017

Computational graphs to cut power consumption

Professor Veljko Milutinovic of the University of Belgrade explains how Maxeler systems can boost power efficiency in data centre applications.

Maxeler’s Increased Focus on Government

Military Technologies covers Maxeler’s recent announcement to appoint Sarbjit Singh Bakhshi as the new Director of Government Affairs.

Hitachi Data Systems Works with Maxeler Technologies

ODBMS features an interview with Michael Hay, VP & Chief Engineer at Hitachi Data Systems and Oskar Mencer, CEO of Maxeler Technologies.

Hitachi Data Systems Works with Maxeler Technologies

A blog in the Hitachi Data Systems Community Innovation Center reports on the collaboration between Maxeler and Hitachi Data Systems.


Dec 26, 2016

Maxeler Dataflow Engine Speeds Compliance Capture and Analytics for Financial Institutions

InsideHPC reports on Maxeler’s announcement to collaborate with Hitachi Data Systems to address the demands of new financial legislation and compliance regulations.

Maxeler Technologies Inc Collaborates with Hitachi Data Systems Around High-performance Compliance Capture and Analytics Solution for Financial Institutions

ODBMS reports on Maxeler's collaboration with Hitachi Data Systems to address the demands of new financial legislation and compliance regulations with a high-performance compliance capture and analytics solution.


Dec 12, 2016

AWS anuncia sete novos serviços e recursos computacionais para atender a uma variedade ainda maior de cargas de trabalho (in Portuguese)

Maxpress reports on Maxeler’s Multiscale Dataflow Computing (MDC) technology in the context of the announcement of Amazon Web Services to add FPGA F1 instances to the Cloud.

AWS Announces Seven New Compute Services and Capabilities to Support an Even Wider Range of Workloads

Military Technologies reports on the recent announcement by Amazon Web Services to add FPGA F1 instances to the AWS Cloud and Maxeler’s Multiscale Dataflow Computing (MDC) technology.


May 12, 2016

COOL Chips XIX - Maxeler to achieve high performance in data flow computing (in Japanese)

Mynavi, Japan reports on Oskar Mencer's talk at COOL Chips XIX. The article covers Maxeler’s Multiscale Dataflow technology, the OpenSPL initiative, Maxeler's App Gallery and new dataflow chip architectures.

CIO Review

August 19, 2015

20 Most Promising Juniper Networks Solution Providers

Maxeler is listed as one of the most promising Juniper Networks solution providers. CIO Review reports on Maxeler's collaboration with Juniper, resulting in a dataflow-accelerated network switch that can carry out complex algorithms directly in the network at line rate, and with minimal and highly predicable latency.

Hitachi Data Systems Works with Maxeler Technologies

ODBMS features an interview with Oskar Mencer, CEO of Maxeler Technologies, covering Big Data and the networking industry.

The Irish Times

June 18, 2015

Research at University College Cork into cloud energy efficiency

The Irish Times reports on the CloudLightning project where Maxeler partners with academia and industry to develop a power-efficient cloud computing infrastructure. The envisioned cloud system will include dataflow systems to achieve highly efficient processing and CloudLightning will focus on providing a self-management infrastructure and simple access to cloud resources.


April 7, 2015

Juniper goes after financial services with its new 'server on a switch'.

Networkworld also reports on Juniper's new application acceleration switch and packet flow accelerator module that includes Maxeler's data-flow technology. The article provides an in-depth analysis of market use cases and the contribution of the included Maxeler platform.

The Platform

April 6, 2015

Traders Bank On Server Switch Hybrids For Performance Boost.

The Platform covers the new application acceleration switch developed by Juniper in partership with Maxeler. The article covers detailed technical information of the application acceleration switch.


April 6, 2015

Juniper Networks Brings Computing Network Power to Wall St.

EnterpriseTech reports on the new application acceleration switch and packet flow accelerator module that Juniper Networks developed in partnership with Maxeler Technologies. The QFX5100-AA application acceleration switch and QFX-PFA packet flow accelerator module are based on Juniper’s QFX product family and they designed to bring computing performance and customizable logic into the network to accelerate critical business applications for financial institutions relying on real-time data. More information on this topic can be found here and here.


March 24, 2015

Is Europe Leading the Energy Efficiency Race?

InsideHPC reports on the latest development in PRACE, the European partnership for advanced computing, and its initiative to develop more energy-efficient supercomputers. In an ambitious effort, the project aims to obtain R&D services which should result in future PRACE HPC systems becoming more energy efficient. The awards are highly competitive and Maxeler has been invited to bid for the next project phase during which prototypes for the three most promising solutions will be built.

CIO Review

March 2, 2015

20 Most Promising HPC Solution Providers 2015.

Maxeler is mentioned as one the most promising HPC technology solution providers in 2015. The article outlines the current technology challenges in HPC, and describes how Maxeler's dataflow systems are well suited to address these in a wide range of applications.

EET Taiwan

January 26, 2015

FASTER: Multi-national research project successfully completed. (in Chinese)

EET Taiwan reports on the FASTER FP7 ICT project that aimed to simplify the analysis and synthesis for reconfigurable technology. FASTER has investigated various approaches for dynamic reconfiguration, including region-based reconfiguration to swap larger functional units, and micro-reconfiguration to make fine grain changes to a design. During the project, a complete design methodology along with several implementation and verification techniques were developed. The project was successfully completed in November 2014.


November 11, 2014

Maxeler Impact on Quality of Life and Prosperity

Maxeler has been mentioned in a list of major HPC applications that had an impact on Quality of Life and Prosperity. The Scientific Computing Journal: "In an increasingly interconnected global financial market, financial institutions are using HPC to manage assets and risk, especially since the economic downturn of 2007. Forbes reported in 2012 that JP Morgan is using a supercomputer “to measure risk in its fixed-income operations by assessing tens of thousands of possible market scenarios.” The Maxeler supercomputer, acquired by the investment bank in 2012, allowed the calculation of complex scenarios in just minutes that previously took hours, according to Forbes, which also reported the company was planning to acquire a second supercomputer." Maxelers success with JP morgan has been selected as one of the stories to illustrate "how the supercomputing capabilities developed by leading universities, research institutions and national laboratories for basic science and national security are now being applied to problems that help businesses be more competitive and improve the quality of daily life."


August 23, 2014

4.2 Million for programming supercomputers-on-a-chip

Supercomputers-on-a-chip, or in other words, high-performance embedded systems "are the answer to the quest for more performance and less energy consumption by ever smaller chip. The POLCA project brings together experts in the field of embedded systems and high performance computing.

CIO Review

July 8, 2014

Maxeler Technologies: Top 20 most promising networking companies

Maxeler Technologies is selected as one of the top 20 most promising networking companies in the CIO Review's round-up of the industry in its July magazine edition as featured on page 20.


May 22, 2014

Industry Trailblazers Honoured at Frost & Sullivan's Best Practices Awards Banquet

Maxeler honoured for exceptional performance at Frost & Sullivan's prestigious awards ceremony.


March 17, 2014

Flying the Flag for UK Tech Innovation in Europe

Reporting on the recent deployment of Maxeler dataflow computers to STFC and the visit of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and British PM David Cameron to the Maxeler CeBIT 2014 exhibit stand.

HPC Today

March 12, 2014

OpenSPL, the Open Spatial Programming Language

HPC Magazine Americas looks into the open spatial programming language OpenSPL.

Social Media Zentrale

March 11, 2014

Important visitors at the booth of Maxeler Technologies

Social Media Zentrale reports on the visit of British PM David Cameron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel to the Maxeler booth at CeBIT 2014.


February 27, 2014

This Week in HPC News

The HPCWire weekly news wrap-up shines a spotlight on the upcoming installation of the Maxeler Dataflow Supercomputer at the Energy-Efficient Computing Research centre.


February 27, 2014

STFC in new collaboration with aim of creating one of the world’s most energy efficient supercomputers

The Science & Technology Facilities Council report on the exciting collaboration between Maxeler and STFC in providing industry and academia access to the Maxeler Dataflow Supercomputer as part of the Energy-Efficient Computing Research centre opening this summer.


February 27, 2014

This Week in HPC: CORAL’s 200 Petaflop Supercomputers and Maxeler HPC Debut at Daresbury

InsideHPC reports in audio on the Maxeler deployment of MPC-X based Supercomputer to STFC Daresbury as part of the UK Labs new World-leading Energy-Efficient Computing Research Centre.

University of Hildesheim

January 31, 2014

Customize, instead of wasting: How do we handle large amounts of data in real time

The University of Hildesheim releases a press statement in German about the new Qualimaster EU funded consortium researching the ability to handle large amounts of real-time data to analyse systemic risk in markets. The other partners are the L3S Research Center in Hannover, the "Telecommunication Systems Institute" at the Technical University of Crete, Spring Techno in Bremen and Maxeler Technologies.


January 6, 2014

CME Group and Chevron launch new spatial programming standard

Techworld reports on the new OpenSPL standard for spatial programming.

HPC Wire

December 10, 2013

Consortium Advances Spatial Computing Standard

Tiffany Trader writes about the new programming standard, called OpenSPL and compares it to temporal programming. She explains how spatial programming yields significantly better performance.

Open Markets

December 10, 2013

In cloud computing, it's the era of convergence

Ari Studnitzer at CME Group has published a blog on OpenMarket about the announcement of OpenSPL and OpenSPL-compliant technology from the CME. “Our new, patent-pending iLink Market Segment gateway will provide inline pre-trade credit controls, unparalleled predictability, advanced market controls, as well as increased capacity and throughput.”

Wall Street and Technology

November 26, 2013

Trading & Risk: What's Your Favorite Risk Flavor?

Oskar Mencer from Maxeler discusses the convergence of trading and risk.

November 11, 2013

Software to get a handle on parallelism (German)

Electroniknet look a the new EU POLCA research project on programming parallel computer systems, including involvement from Maxeler.

Computer World

July 23, 2012

Top JP Morgan and UBS IT execs leave for HPC vendor

Computer World reports on top banking executives joining Maxeler to further the use of Dataflow technology in finance.

HFT Review

July 2, 2012

FPGA & Hardware Accelerated Trading

Maxeler's James Spooner talks to Mike O'Hara about the benefits of dataflow engines for hardware accelerated trading.

Financial News

June 11, 2012

Hot chips soup up risk control

Dan Barnes of Financial News looks at how financial institutions are increasingly turning to high ultra performance hardware, including JP Morgan's use of Maxeler solutions.

The Compute Equivalent of the Mars Landing

Maxeler VP of Engineering, Oliver Pell, talks to Scientific Computing World about the software challenges faced by the supercomputing community.

Computer World

March 29, 2012

Maxeler launches data centre ready trading platform

Anh Nguyen discusses Maxeler's new data centre ready trading platform.


March 23, 2012

The Mobile Offshore Drilling Units Market 2012-2022 (payment required)

Oliver Pell, VP of Engineering at Maxeler, talks to Visiongain about how Maxeler can help solve the computing challenges facing the oil & gas industry.


March 20, 2012

Supercomputer Manages Fixed Income Risk At J.P. Morgan

Tom Groenfeldt of Forbes looks at the use of supercomputers in banks, leading with J.P. Morgan's use of Maxeler dataflow technology for risk calculations.

Risk Magazine

February 6, 2012

Need for speed: banks explore FPGAs for portfolio modelling (subscription required)

This feature in Risk Magazine discusses the use of Maxeler's dataflow technology in intra-day risk calculation at J.P. Morgan.

Wirtschafts Blatt

January 27, 2012

For Belief in a Better World (German)

Oskar Mencer, CEO of Maxeler Technologies, was awarded the “Special Golden Arrow” at the 9th International Vienna Congress Com.Sult 2012. The award was presented by Nobel Peace Laureate Lech Walesa and former Vice Chancellor of Germany Hans-Dietrich Genscher.

Waters Technology

January 9, 2012

AMERICAN FINANCIAL TECHNOLOGY AWARDS: Most Cutting-Edge IT Initiative: J.P. Morgan (subscription required)

More detail on the AFTA award won by J.P. Morgan for their deployment of Maxeler technology, including a quote from Stephen Weston of J.P. Morgan and insight from the judges.

HPC Products: MaxCloud (subscription required)

Details of our launch of MaxCloud in the latest issue of Scientific Computing World.

American Banker

December 29, 2011

9 Trends Reshaping Risk Software

Maxeler and J.P. Morgan are leading the trend towards real-time risk monitoring, alerts and reports. American Banker predicts this to be one of the top trends shaping risk technology in 2012.


December 20, 2011

J.P. Morgan goes live with Maxeler supercomputer

More high-profile coverage of the news that J.P. Morgan has gone live with a new, more powerful Maxeler dataflow supercomputer.

Computer Weekly

December 16, 2011

Investment bank J.P. Morgan goes live with FPGA Maxeler supercomputer

Computer Weekly covers the news that J.P. Morgan has gone live with a new, more powerful Maxeler dataflow supercomputer in a new area of the business.

Wall Street Journal

December 13, 2011

Maxeler Makes Waves With Dataflow Design

This article talks about how Maxeler's dataflow technology is winning converts and how J.P. Morgan has been deploying this technology to great effect in their trading groups.


December 15, 2011

J.P. Morgan expands deployment of FPGA-based supercomputer

ComputerworldUK talks about how the latest deployment of Maxeler dataflow supercomputing technology at J.P. Morgan delivers a leap forward in performance and provides a competitive advantage in new areas of the business. Also on Computerworld.comCIO Magazine UKPC Advisor UK.

December 13, 2011

Supercomputers : J.P. Morgan turns to FPGA

This French article covers J.P. Morgan's order of a second Maxeler dataflow supercomputer for fixed income trading. This latest machine has an equivalent performance of 128 teraflops and is the equivalent of 12,000 x86 cores.


December 7, 2011

J.P. Morgan IT project voted 'most cutting edge'

This article covers the 2011 American Financial Technology Awards, where J.P. Morgan won 'Most Cutting Edge IT Initiative' for their deployment of Maxeler dataflow technology.

IT168 (China)

October 29, 2011

HPC China: Best Practice for Solving Large and Complex Problems (Simplified Chinese)

Stephen Weston from J.P. Morgan and Oskar Mencer, CEO of Maxeler, present keynote at HPC China 2011. Stephen gives an overview of the computational complexity facing J.P. Morgan and then explains how Maxeler Technologies enables J.P. Morgan to calculate thousands of scenarios - something that cannot be achieved with a traditional CPU platform. A typical computation task which used to take J.P. Morgan several hours to process can now be completed in just a few seconds.

Business Technology

October 23, 2011

Turning Innovation into International Success Distributed with the Sunday Telegraph

Maxeler features in this article that discusses how Mentor Graphics aids entrepreneurs.Cre8Ventures helped Maxeler get to market quickly in the early days by providing links into their client network and access to technology provided by Mentor and their partners.


September 1, 2011

The Oil & Gas Drilling Technologies Market 2011-2021 (payment required)

Oliver Pell, VP of Engineering at Maxeler, talks to Visiongain about the type of application that Maxeler has worked on with our clients and the computing technology challenges that face the industry.


July 11, 2011

J.P. Morgan supercomputer offers risk analysis in near real-time

Maxeler and J.P. Morgan feature in this article that describes how J.P. Morgan is now able to run risk analysis and price its global credit portfolio in near real-time after implementing a solution using Maxeler's technology.

CIO Magazine UK

July 4, 2011

IT can drive profits, not just savings, says HPC expert

Oskar Mencer, CEO of Maxeler, talks about the huge opportunity for IT for help drive revenues by giving application developers more of a say in designing the systems on which their applications run. Also on Computerworld Brazil (Portuguese)

Banking Technology

June 20, 2011

Faster... faster...

James Spooner, Maxeler VP of Acceleration, features in an article discussing the harnessing of acceleration technology in mainstream financial applications.

Facing the Future (subscription required)

Maxeler VP of Engineering, Oliver Pell, talks to the editor of Scientific Computing World, Beth Sharp, about the challenges of adapting to new architectures.

Tech-On Japan

May 2, 2011

J.P. Morgan invests in Maxeler, maker of FPGA accelerators with hundreds of pipelines (Japanese)

This article discusses the use of Maxeler technology in J.P. Morgan's financial index and equities prediction systems and in Chevron's investigation of earth properties under the sea floor in search of oil. The article also notes that the research lab of Professor Fujita Masahiro at Tokyo University is enrolled into Maxeler's University program, MAX-UP, using MaxWorkStations in their HPC-related research on topics such as tsunami simulation.


March 10, 2011

Maxeler Carves High-End Niche with HPC Acceleration Business

Michael Feldman, HPCwire Editor, describes how Maxeler has built us its business and the uniqueness of Maxeler's approach.