Exchange support


Maxeler provide fully maintained line-rate Market Data / Order Entry connectors in Dataflow hardware  for:

  • CME Globex (FIX/FAST Market Data / iLink)
  • Eurex (EMDI / ETI / EOBI)
  • NASDAQ and related OMX platforms (ITCH / OUCH)
  • Additional handlers on request

Connectivity Features:

  • Sub-microsecond latency
  • Line rate L2/L3 book building
  • A/B feed arbitration and gap-fill
  • Multi-session order entry with volume controls
  • Customizable or unified orderbook and order formats
  • Full integration into trading software and dataflow hardware
  • GPS / atomic clock timestamps

We also offer building blocks for in-house or specific protocols:

  • Template-driven line-rate FIX/FAST decoder
  • FIX engine hardware and software with customizable FIX decoder/encoders
  • Over 16,000 simultaneous TCP session in a single chip