MaxGenFDMaxeler MaxGen systems are domain-specific compilers that enable programmers to easily harness the full power of Maxeler solutions without needing a detailed understanding of the underlying hardware.

MaxGenFD, for 3D finite difference applications, enables geoscientists to engage in rapid development of accelerated seismic processing applications such as Forward Modeling, Reverse Time Migration and Waveform Inversion. MaxGenFD handles the complexities facing any finite difference implementation such as managing very large data sets, boundary conditions and domain decomposition across multiple compute elements with halo exchange. In addition, the compiler removes the need for the geoscience programmer to perform dataflow-specific optimizations such as customizing data-types and generating optimized stencil descriptions for hardware.

MaxGenFD is implemented as a layer on top of Maxeler MaxCompiler, the general-purpose dataflow programming system. This allows the user to retain the full programming power of MaxCompiler, while MaxGenFD provides pre-defined libraries to implement common features of finite difference applications.

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