System management

SystemManagementMaxeler high-performance dataflow solutions are designed to integrate into production server environments, supporting standard operating systems and management tools. Our management software coordinates resource use, scheduling and data movement within the dataflow compute environment.

Easy Integration

Maxeler dataflow nodes run production-standard Linux distributions without modification, including Red Hat Enterprise 4 and 5.

The dataflow management software installs as a standard RPM package that includes all software necessary to utilize dataflow applications, including kernel device driver, status monitoring daemon and runtime libraries. All the management tools use standard methods for status and event logging.

On-line Health Monitoring

Maxeler’s software ensures that production-scale Maxeler clusters operate at full efficiency. Maxeler hardware solutions support the Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) for lights-out remote management. The Maxeler status monitoring daemon logs all dataflow engine health information. User tools provide visibility into dataflow engine state and system check utilities generate reports in easily machine readable format for integration into cluster-level automatic monitoring systems.

The status monitoring daemon can also monitor system temperatures, for both dataflow engines and system mainboard and optionally take action in the event that temperatures rise beyond a user-specified threshold.


The MaxTop tool displays the current status of all the engines in the system, including current users, attached processes, loaded configurations and current temperatures.

Detailed diagnostic software supports the dataflow subsystems, allowing software bugs to be easily separated from potential hardware issues.